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We’re not your traditional agency.

What We Do

We offer companies the expertise of a full-service brand and advertising agency, but without the overhead and expense of a traditional agency relationship. BluFish brings together experienced, talented people and your brand. We’ve worked with small businesses with fewer than five employees to corporations as large as Kellogg’s. We’ve helped our next door neighbors on Michigan Ave. while also working with clients as far away as California. And we’ve assisted many companies who are in the midst of launching their business, along with well-established businesses that have been around for over 20 years. Regardless of the size of your company, where you might be located, or what your goals are, BluFish is ready to take your brand to the next level. More than just a team of experienced professionals, Blufish is a tool that can support, protect and grow your brand.

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How We Do It

There is no B-team at BluFish; the kind large ad agencies typically throw at small to medium size accounts. It was done by creative people who’ve worked together for years, seasoned pros with a wealth of experience in a myriad of categories: banking and insurance, tourism and hospitality, packaged goods and retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on. For you, that experience and creative maturity means a shorter learning curve, fewer costly missteps, and work that’s as strategically “on” as it is creative. And because we can draw from a large pool of creative talent and bring them in as needed, you get what you pay for – the right team for your project, for as long as you need them. When you’re ready to kick things off, this is what you can expect:

Discovery Session

This is where we sit down and ask you to inundate us with information so we can soak it all in! We talk about your needs, where you’re currently at, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

Creative Briefs

We outline our plan of action based upon the information gathered in the discovery session. Deliverables, creative guidelines and estimates are described in detail so that we know we’re all on the same page.

Creative Process

It’s gonna get interesting! Ideas scratched onto paper become a reality through the creative process. Our relentless approach, pushing a project until it’s right where it needs to be, is what stands behind our quality of work.


Maybe you get a tangible piece to hold in your hands, see your commercial on tv, or launch a brand new website. This is the exciting part of the process, when all of the hard work comes to fruition as your deliverables are released to your target audience.

Where We’ve Worked

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.


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The Crew

What’s one of the pros of working with a small agency? You get to know the leaders who run the place! Rather than having layer upon layer of managers and executives, we have a solid core team of individuals who bring years of experience to the table. They’re also the ones who will be sitting with you AT the table to discuss your needs. We look forward to meeting you there.

Ryan Traver

Owner & Creative Manager

Ryan started at BluFish in 2003 and became the owner in 2018. Ryan is a graduate of Western Michigan University with degrees in Marketing, General Business, and Textile/Apparel Studies. He is just as passionate about the quality of work produced by BluFish and helping clients reach their goals, as he is giving back to his community and various non-profit organizations. A seasoned industry professional, Ryan’s experience includes working with companies such as Muhammad Ali Enterprises, Oaklawn Hospital, and Kellogg’s

Erica Eash

Account Executive

Erica has been with BluFish since 2015. She holds a Master of Science in Communication degree from Grand Valley State University and brings with her over 15 years of experience. With a knack for storytelling, she is especially fond of helping clients tell compelling stories through the art of video. Throughout her time at BluFish, she has worked on many award-winning accounts and is proud of the accomplishments she’s been able to help her clients achieve.


Media Specialist

Valerie has worked in the advertising industry for over 25 years and has been with BluFish since 2007. She started her career at TraverRohrback, a successful agency owned by Blufish Founder, Bill Traver. Valerie has extensive experience buying several types of mediums, including: broadcast television, cable, and OTT; traditional and digital radio; digital banner ad campaigns; out-of-home including bulletins, posters, and transit; newspaper; and consumer and trade magazines.

Austin Wines

Digital Manager

Austin is the Digital Manager at BluFish, specializing in content marketing, digital strategy, design, and public relations. He is a Western Michigan University graduate with degrees in Writing and Communication. Austin has five years of experience working with Michigan agricultural and service-based businesses. He is experienced at maintaining pace and consistency throughout ever-changing policy landscapes in the digital marketing industry.

Brenden Jones

Web Strategist

Brenden founded a web agency right out of school and has been leading teams through mobile design and web projects for over 15 years. His gift is digging into the “why?” of a project and innovating strategies to accomplish what’s at the heart of every assignment.

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