A one-of-a-kind product in the chopsticks industry, we were approached by a start-up company in New York City to help with the launch of their line of edible chopsticks. We hopped onboard with Chompsticks during the research and development phase of their product, so their brand had yet to take on an identity of its own. This was a challenge we were eager to bite into!

Initially, we drilled down into the brand development and strategy phase which would set a solid foundation for Chompsticks’ identity moving forward. Then we moved onto creative concepting in order to help the client visualize the specific look and feel of their brand. It’s no secret that strong photography can make all the difference in how appetizing food looks, so original product photography was a must.

After all was said and done, Chompsticks walked away with a beautiful brand identity and an all new website. To date, BluFish continues to work with Chompsticks on an as-needed basis as they seek to establish a presence in restaurants and specialty stores nationwide.

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