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Marshall is a small town in southwest Michigan that is brimming with unique history, one-of-a-kind shops, and nationally-known attractions. And yes, it’s also the place that BluFish calls home.

The Marshall Area Economic Development Alliance came to BluFish in need of a new campaign that would help increase tourism by generating overall awareness while reflecting Marshall’s charming and friendly nature. Part of this initiative also included a new website that would help users easily find local businesses, attractions and events in order to stimulate the local economy while building a sense of community.

While many small towns are struggling to survive, there is an energy and level of excitement in Marshall that hasn’t been felt in years. From unique events that have brought in the masses to new shops opening downtown, new breweries and restaurants to large corporations setting up shop in the industrial park, it’s safe to say that in five years this is going to be a very different place than the Marshall we know now.

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