Hemmingsen Rexall

Small-town pharmacy making big waves.

Hemmingsen drug store has been around for over 80 years, but their current owners are not afraid to shake things up. With goals to increase general awareness, grow their Facebook fanbase, and improve sales, we shook hands and hit the ground running. In less than six months we managed to facilitate a campaign that placed them as the #2 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year, launched a new website, increased their Facebook fanbase by 44%, and helped sales improve by over 20%!

We continue to manage their social media presence and deploy a geofencing ad targeting campaign. Hemmingsen recently invested in new technology that will truly separate them from their competition with a solution we coined “Simpill Packaging.” This robotic sorting system will organize customer prescriptions into easy-to-manage packs by time of day, week and month.

With many special offerings that are hard to find elsewhere, we look forward to helping Hemmingsen become the top-of-mind pharmacy in the area.

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