Marshall Community Credit Union

BluFish has a long-standing relationship with MCCU. Our initial goal back in the day was to help create a campaign that would dispel the assumption that credit unions were “just for teachers.” And that’s when Edmund the owl was born.

He quickly became the face of MCCU and while most campaigns have a shelf life of 2-3 years, Edmund is still going strong and has managed to become a familiar face of the organization. Although Edmund has never been incorporated into the logo, he has become synonymous with MCCU.

As their official agency of record, we create high-level brand campaigns and develop annual communications plans that include radio, tv, print, and outdoor among others. While other credit unions rely solely on corporate-branded creative to market their products, we develop one-of-a-kind spots with a playfulness that is not often found within this industry.

The results? Their kasasa enrollment has grown where in 2017 they gave away over $350,000 in Kasasa rewards, and just last year they gave over $800,000; and the “loan for everything” campaign was so successful that they had to end the promotion early in order to handle the influx of inquiries. For MCCU being a “small-town” credit union, they’re pulling in some big numbers.

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