South Michigan Food Bank

As an organization that’s leading the fight against hunger across eight counties in South Michigan, it’s important that their brand is both credible and memorable. Enter BluFish.

South Michigan Food Bank came to BluFish in the midst of a rebrand with a partially-completed website. With an event on the horizon and no time to spare, BluFish quickly familiarized themselves with the Food Bank’s goals and hit the ground running!

After merely six months, South Michigan Food Bank gained a fresh image and a new website that is both informative and easy to navigate. Thanks to a series of installation projects, the Food Bank’s physical location was completely transformed with exterior signage and interior graphics that reflect their new brand. Employees and volunteers alike have commented on how the improvements have boosted morale by making people feel like they’re part of something fun and important.

For the first time ever, South Michigan Food Bank wanted to do a direct mail campaign in order to generate awareness about their presence in South Michigan while building a list of new donors. In this case, raising money wasn’t the only objective and they were prepared to take a financial loss in hopes of seeing long-term gains. Thanks to an attractive design and powerful messaging, BluFish successfully created a direct mail campaign that far exceeded all pre-determined goals by raising close to $100,000, much of which was from first-time donors!

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