Youngish Professionals Committee

The Youngish Professionals Committee (YPC) was started by a group of individuals in Marshall who identified a unique need. Marshall has a plethora of educated, talented, and world-travelled people who have come back to start families after having embarked on adventures of their own. But how we do bring these individuals together to not only give this demographic a sense of community, but use their experiences to inspire positive change? YPC was the solution.

Since the BluFish team is made up of youngish professionals, it made sense for us to collaborate on this effort. As an entirely new group that was starting from the ground up, it was crucial to establish a bold visual identity that would not only make a statement, but make the YPC presence known throughout town. We did this by creating a one-of-a-kind logo that can be customized to reflect the diverse nature of YPC. Brand guidelines were also established in order to enable YPC leadership to take the brand and run with it.

Not only has YPC support grown since its inception, but feedback from the community has been nothing but positive. There is a real sense of collaboration amongst this demographic that was difficult to harness in the past. Mission complete.

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