Purple & Bold Inspirational Video

During uncertain times in the early days of COVID-19, we were called on to produce an inspirational video message for the upcoming Seniors at Albion College. Strong writing, a bold voice, and great footage were the makeup of a successful mission.

Script: In this time of uncertainty, choose to be brave. In this time full of challenges, choose to find hope. And in this time, when everyday life feels so far from normal, choose to appreciate the simplicity of today. No matter how different this moment is from what you imagined, it’s still a moment that you were given. Choose to make it count. Rely on your past experiences. Remember what your mentors have taught you. Lean on your support system, your rock, your Briton family. Fight to thrive no matter how deep the unknown may be. And take comfort in the fact that you’re more than prepared for the future because you’re a Briton. You’re living through one of the most significant global events in history. Whereas others will one day read about this and wonder what it was like, you will have stories to tell. Nothing memorable is ordinary. In this time of extraordinary circumstances, choose to be Purple & Bold.

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