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A New Website Doesn’t Equal Instant Online Success

Is your new website delivering the results you hoped for? Have you moved up in the search engines since launching the new site?

Websites are a substantial investment, whether you’re working with a large web firm or a one-man shop. No matter how much time and money goes into your site, and no matter how visually appealing it is, these factors alone do not lead to online success.

Websites are for more than just pushing out content and images. Online success is not achieved with a website redesign that then sits static. Your website can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, no matter what business you’re in, but you have to put it to work!

Prior to starting a website project, your web designer should ask you important questions like:

  • Who are your ideal prospects?
  • How do they look for your products or services?
  • What are the goals of the website?
    • Generate inquiries and leads
    • Sell products online
    • Build an audience
    • Others
  • How will those goals be measured?
  • What is the standard for your industry?
  • How can your site be different? Simple?

It’s also important to go through a discovery and planning session for your website. Your  web strategy should allow you to continue to grow your website by adding fresh content that is relevant to your visitors.

Once your website is launched the most important thing you can do is to make a habit of updating it. Simply launching the website will not equal online success or move you up in the search engines. So, how can you add content that impacts results?

Not only is it important to think about ways to frequently add relevant content to your website, but it’s important to make sure all of your on-page SEO elements are in place. Even dedicating just a few hours a month to your website can be enough to make a difference. We suggest getting into the habit of blocking off time on your calendar, on a regular basis, that is specifically dedicated to your website.

You can also set specific deadlines for tasks that you want to complete in order to help keep you on track. Your print ads and direct mail publications all have deadlines, so you can treat your website the same by giving yourself internal deadlines and sticking to them. You’ve made an investment in your site, now give it the attention it needs to be that integral part of your marketing arsenal.

Ask yourself on a regular basis, “What have I done to add new content to my website? How much time have I spent on other advertising or marketing efforts vs. on my website?” If you’re putting time into your website on a regular basis, this should result in an investment that more than pays for itself.


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