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The Importance of Customer Service

Marketing involves many different elements working together to convey the message of your brand; and customer service, although sometimes overlooked, deserves to be top-of-mind. You want to ensure that every touch point a customer has with your brand is a positive experience. Disney has this mastered. They have intentionally designed the Disney experience so that every single engagement with a customer is magical. And magic, as we all know, is the defining word of the Disney brand.

Start by asking yourself what word you want to define your brand. Then, consider how this can be reinforced throughout the entire customer experience. For example, if your team is responding to emails, social media messages, answering phone calls, greeting people at a front desk, they all need to be on the same page so that the customer experience is the same regardless of who they interact with. Consistency is key here. Done right, this immediately improves customer satisfaction and helps people feel valued. Even if something goes wrong, people are more likely to maintain an overall favorable opinion of your brand if your customer service is on-point. 

Keep in mind that often times, the front door of an organization may be the lowest paid position or the least experienced, which means that proper training is even more important. The interactions they have with your customers can shape the entire dynamic of a single visit, or leave a lasting impression of your brand. It starts with them, but it should not stop there! The experience should be consistent every step of the journey. 

From scripting how phones are answered to defining the tone of social media interactions, BluFish has helped clients improve the customer service experience. Drop us a line to learn more!

Ryan Traver

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The Importance of Customer Service
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