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BluFish Consulting Supports Chicago-Based CHAT (Communication Health, Advocacy & Therapy) with BluFish Gives Back Donation

BluFish Consulting works with clients all over the country, one of which is CHAT, a Chicago non-profit providing speech and language therapy services and programs, in addition to advocacy support for underserved populations. Recognizing that the services CHAT provides to children are truly life changing, BluFish recently awarded CHAT with their latest BluFish Gives Back Donation.

“We work in a communications-based field, so we’re very aware of the importance that communication plays in someone’s life,” said Ryan Traver, President/Owner of BluFish. “Being able to verbally communicate and express oneself plays such a huge role in a child’s happiness and overall course of their life. We’re happy to make a positive impact by helping a child attend one of CHAT’s summer programs with this donation.”

CHAT has been serving children for over 40 years. In addition to fun and engaging therapy that works, CHAT is expanding its advocacy efforts on behalf of children with learning differences, limited resources, and language barriers. During the summer, CHAT offers a range of communication, literacy and executive functioning programs for kids of all ages, many exclusively through scholarships.

CHAT came to BluFish over a year ago in need of a rebrand and a new website. They wanted to set themselves apart from others in their field by emphasizing the way they advocate for the children and families they work with and their commitment to social justice. “I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and the BluFish team,” said Karine Fiore, Executive Director of CHAT. “From the beginning, they listened and partnered with us, adding value at every step. We were already grateful to be BluFish partners; this generous donation extends our gratitude and will allow us to support more children in need.”

Through their work with CHAT, BluFish team members were impressed by the testimonials of parents and children who were impacted by the organization. “When we were helping with the promotion of CHAT’s summer programs last year, we saw a lot of the testimonials of past students and family members, which we found to be very meaningful,” Traver said. “This year, the program will be structured differently because of COVID, but CHAT has been doing teletherapy for years. This is a great opportunity for them to really showcase their skills in their teletherapy skills and we have no doubt that this will still be a great benefit to participants.”

Learn more about CHAT and their summer programs.

If you know of someone that could benefit from being the recipient of a $500 donation for one of the remaining 2020 BluFish Gives Back contributions, fill out the submission form to be considered.

Erica Eash

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