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BluFish Creates Award-Winning Video for Albion College

Albion College was recently awarded a Bronze Pride of CASE V Award for the Craig Kirby Distinguished Alumni Award video created by BluFish Consulting and Ben Reed. Not only is receiving a CASE Award an honor in and of itself, but this year Albion College was the only private liberal arts college recognized in the Long or Short Video – General Information categories. Other winners in this category were the University of Michigan, University of Chicago, and Indiana University.

The Craig Kirby Distinguished Alumni Award video was one of six that BluFish created in early 2020 to recognize Albion College’s 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award and Young Alumni Award recipients. Typically an in-person event would be held at Albion College to celebrate each award recipient, but due to the limitations of COVID, compelling video testimonials that shared the story of each recipient were more important than ever.

“It’s always an honor to tell the stories of people who are using their education and talent to do great things in the world,” said Erica Eash, Project Manager at BluFish Consulting. “To receive the CASE Award for Craig’s video amongst other major universities, who we highly respect, really is an honor. Not only are we proud of the final product our team created, but we’re happy that this award brings even more recognition to the meaningful work Craig is doing.”

Erica Eash

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