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BluFish Gives Back to Calhoun County Fair

Established in 1848, the Calhoun County Fair is Michigan’s longest running county fair. With rides, entertainment, livestock, fair food and more, this is a beloved summer event that brings the community together. However, like many other annual traditions, this year’s fair was canceled due to COVID-19. Realizing the work that goes into planning this event and wanting to support a local tradition, the Calhoun County Fair was the recipient of the October BluFish Gives Back donation.

“Our local fair is something that has been enjoyed by many generations, and as the longest running county fair in the entire state, it’s something that the people of Marshall take pride in,” said Ryan Traver, Owner/President of BluFish Consulting. “Not only do we think it’s important to support our clients, but we value events that bring people together, create a sense of community, and help promote tourism in the town we call home.”

Even though this year’s fair was canceled, months of planning had already gone into it. And like many other 2020 events, no event means no revenue. Many organizations have had to rely heavily on donations in order to help them get through this unpredictable season. After much discussion about how best to support the Calhoun County Fair, BluFish made a general donation, allowing the fair to use those funds in any way that they choose.

“We tossed around a few different ideas, but ultimately decided that they know better than anyone else what their most critical needs are right now,” Traver said. “We hope that the BluFish Gives Back donation will help them fill any financial gaps they may have experienced this year, and we look forward to having fun at the fair next summer.”

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