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BluFish Gives Back to Trav Dopp

At BluFish Consulting, we know a lot of people. In fact, we consider many of the people we work with our friends. When people we know are facing a tough time, we like to do what we can to help them out. It should come as no surprise that when our friend, Trav Dopp, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, we knew without a doubt that Trav needed to be the recipient of the November BluFish Gives Back donation.

Not only is Trav our friend, but we’ve worked with him on several projects, including those completed for Adrian Steel and Oaklawn.

“Trav is a blast to work with because we know that when we contact him for a job, he’s always down, no matter how ridiculous our idea might be,” said Ryan Traver, Owner/President of BluFish Consulting. “It’s not everyday that you find someone who fully commits to ANY role, thoroughly enjoys it AND makes everyone else around him laugh while doing it. We love Trav, our clients love Trav, and if anyone can beat cancer, it’s him.”

With a fire for life, creative mind, and an entertainment value that is hard to come by, Trav is truly one of a kind. We encourage you to check out Trav’s story and support him in his cancer journey.

For a complete list of BluFish Gives Back donation recipients, go to

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