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Today, if you want to reach your target audiences where they are, you need to consider digital marketing channels. Whether you call it interactive marketing, internet marketing, digital advertising or online marketing, you need someone who understands the ever-changing digital landscape.

BluFish is a digital marketing agency who understands the need to create interactive marketing campaigns for digital or online display ads, reach users via mobile advertising, and especially through search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM).

Much like our approach to brand strategy development, we believe in identifying the proper digital channels for your business.

  • Did you know that nearly 93% of all buying decisions begin with search?
  • Did you know that nearly 80% of all searchers are only looking at organic search results?
  • Did you know that search results are getting more and more personalized based on user behavior and whether they’re logged into any Google product?

You didn’t? That’s okay, we know. You can count on us to identify the best digital marketing strategies for your business. What might that strategy include? Good question, it will include a mix of digital marketing tactics, depending on your specific goals.

  • Looking to increase organic search ranking and position?
  • Need to build your brand so that when searchers find you, they have an idea who you are?
  • Want to target a specific demographic or profession online?

If you’re like most of our clients, your goals likely include a mix of these goals above. And, we’ll craft a plan that incorporates best practices in search engine optimization – the foundation of your website structure and content. We’ll research and identify the right digital channels for online display ads (think online banner ads, paid sponsorships and even mobile ad networks). We’ll even craft a content strategy and influencer outreach program to target specific online industry associations, forums or authoritative bloggers.

Digital marketing experts are everything from a guy someone knows to large, digital only firms. However, having grown from our roots in traditional marketing and advertising to incorporate the emerging digital channels, we understand how to reach your target audiences and get them to take action.

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