We are all visual creatures and we respond first to what we see. One of the secrets to creating a memorable branding campaign is how we connect the “big idea” conceptually with the photography and written word.

Yes, a lot of people have digital cameras and feel that they can do this themselves, but we believe every brand should reflect the quality and professionalism of the product or service we are marketing. The quality and originality of the photography can often deliver the brand message all by itself. Much of our award winning advertising does just that.

Whenever possible we strive to use photography and video that gives the viewer a unique point of reference that they’ve not seen before. It can be humorous, it can be heart-felt emotion, an architectural masterpiece or kids with puppy’s – but first and foremost we capture the image in a way that always connects to the brand promise, builds consumer trust and helps move the marketing needle for our clients.

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