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Why should you blog?

Blogging is a free and a relatively easy way to market your company. You hear it all the time, content is king and we agree. A blog is a long-term investment that will generate leads and awareness for your organization. If done right.

As we start on our journey, we thought we’d make it easy for you and outlined thesefive reasons to blog. Now go forth and prosper!


Let’s face it. Companies sometimes have a hard time relating to the general public. With a blog, you can show your “personality” and post stories that engage your audience, profile employees, highlight community happenings. People are loyal to companies that are transparent and real.

Share. Integrate your blog into all of your other marketing efforts – social media, website, email signatures and more. Make sure readers can click to share via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other networks – include social share buttons in your blog post.


If you are only going to blog once every other month…don’t. Blogging is an effective tool when you post a lot. By a lot we mean at minimum 2 times a month or more. Seem a bit daunting? Set up a blogging calendar. Assign writing to employees to make the frequency goal much more attainable. The more you write, the more they read, and the more you stay top-of-mind.


We know folks get sick of hearing the phrase Search Engine Optimization, but unfortunately Google owns the world, and makes the rules, so you need to play in their sandbox. Make your blog “found” by writing titles and posts around keywords and tag, tag, tag your posts. The more you blog about relevant topics the more likely your blog is to be picked up by search engines. Equaling more awareness for you and increased visitors to your blog. Possibly then turing into a lead.


With blogging, you have the license to basically do what you want – be an industry expert, let’s folks know you secretly would like to be a rock band groupie, post pictures of your dogs [Wait…who would do that? We would!] If you post relevant articles that are of value to your readers, or at minimum spark their curiosity, you are setting yourself up to create a distinction in their mind. Brilliant.

Your blog represents your company, show the world not just what you think, but how you think. Now that’s value.


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