Speech Therapy Logos

New Name = New Logo

When the Center for Speech & Language Disorders was approaching their 40th anniversary and a change of leadership for the first time in it's history, they decided it was the perfect time to re-brand the business. BluFish helped them with this process which included name and logo development. CHAT (which stands for Communication Health, Advocacy & Therapy) is a non-profit in the Chicago area that exists to increase access to speech-language therapy for children with few, if any, other options. BluFish was thrilled to be involved in a total re-brand to bring new life and awareness to this growing organization that is doing so much good for children and families. Beyond the primary logo, we created a secondary badge style design which has been popular on merchandise and swag. Additionally, we've also created unique logos for their new annual fundraising events (Chicken Challenge & Social, and the Mini Golf Fundraiser - Change Lives Putt by Putt).

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