Logo Development

If you’ve read our thoughts about branding and brand development, then you know it is more than just your logo design. Still, your logo and tag line are often identity elements that are part of your first impression and key in establishing your brand.

Your corporate identity can mean many things, from logo, business cards and stationery, to marketing materials and brochures. The bottom line is – what is your identity and what does it say about you?

If you’re looking to update or enhance your current corporate identity or logo, you may want to keep components or elements that are a part of your company history. Or, perhaps you’re looking to reinvigorate and re-brand the company to improve your position in the marketplace. It could even be to introduce new products and the need to redefine your brand umbrella.

Either way, we’ll work with you to develop new or updated logos and identity materials. First, we like to learn more about your company and review existing identity materials to establish your preferences and style. Depending on your industry, there can be paradigms or expectations of what audiences should see; or there could be better ways to differentiate your company through this new identity development process. Collectively, we’re able to discuss these industry expectations and the vision you have in mind, then deliver concepts for you to choose from.

Looking for some simple logo design services or development of a full identity package? BluFish has the experience you can count on. When you’re ready to talk, give us a call at 269.781.5849 or send us a note, we’d like to talk to you.

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