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Why a facelift for your logo is worth considering for your brand.

We hear this question, a lot. And our answer is always the same: “it depends.” 

The truth is, logo creation is much more than an illustration and cool font that a designer created in a couple of hours. 

It’s the face of your company and, it’s what makes your company recognizable without saying a word. That’s a hefty job for one little 250px x 100px piece of art. 

To create a successful logo, your creative team should have a good understanding of who you are and what you do. And yes, there should be a team of brains behind your logo, not just a designer. 

What does your company represent? What makes you different from the competition? What services do you provide? What, if any branding have you done in the past? Why are you looking for a new logo?  How do you want to be portrayed – Bold? Classy? Retro? Smart? Edgy? Fun? Sexy? These are just a few things to consider when embarking on a new or revamped brand identity. 

So to answer your question “how much does a logo cost”, we need to ask you a few questions first. 

Let’s first look at WHAT a logo does. 

  1. Identity. First and foremost, your logo provides quick and simple representation of who you are and what you do — that is your logo’s number one job. Without a well-developed logo, you have no meaning in a world competing for consumer’s attention at every turn.
  2. It distinguishes your company from the competition. A thoughtfully crafted logo can put your brand on top in the minds of consumers. Think Nike vs. Sketchers vs. Keds. 
  3. It tells a story. Believe it or not, your little logo can evoke an entire narrative in peoples’ heads. Think about McDonald’s golden arches. Is your mouth watering yet? You get the point. 

Now that we’ve illustrated the job of a logo, you’ll want to consider the type of logo you want. Yes, your input counts!

Types of logos 

There are many different logo formats or styles to consider when developing the look and feel for the face of your company. And, the format you choose, will depend on your communication goals, your preferences, the longevity of your company, its reputation and overall brand strategy. A good design team will give you a variety of logo design options to choose from and help you select the best choice for your business. 

 Here is a quick breakdown of the six main logo types. 

  1. Lettermark – A lettermark or monogram logo takes the name of the company and abbreviates it by using text to create a typographic mark that represents your brand. HP and IBM are good examples of Lettermark logos.
  2. Wordmark – A wordmark or logotype uses the name of the company, product or service  to create a unique typographic look and feel that represents your brand look and feel.  Examples of a wordmark logo include Google, Facebook, and Coca Cola. 
  3. Brandmark – a brandmark logo uses a stand alone symbol or icon to quickly represent what your company does. Target, Shell, and Apple are all examples of brandmark logos. 
  4. Combination – A combination logo is exactly as it sounds – a combination of both text and symbols used to illustrate your company’s product service. This popular logo style gives you a bit more flexibility with your logo use. For example, you can shorten it if needed by using only the text or symbol. Adidas and Microsoft represent combination logos. 
  5. Emblem – An emblem logo is created by putting text inside of a symbol. Harley Davidson and BMW represent emblem logos. 
  6. Illustration – An illustration logo describes the in-depth nature of the developed drawing. They are typically very detailed and take more time to create. While some non-illustrated logos have drawings, they lack the detail and depth necessary to be considered an illustration (think outlines and shapes). Illustration logos are great for companies that want to convey personality and style. GEICO’s green Gecko and Plantar’s Peanut Man are good representations of an illustrated logo. 

The type of logo you select, the amount of creative time necessary to develop, create and execute several variations of it are all aspects of the development process that effect the price tag. A good design team will meet with you and ask lots of questions about your company and what it represents to determine a fair price for your logo. 

If you need a new logo or perhaps a refreshed look for an existing one, give us a call. We’d love to help. Got a minute? Check out our logo work.

Ryan Traver

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