Transit & Out-of-Home Advertising

When you think of transit and out-of-home advertising you may just think of something traditional like a bus. We challenge you to think bigger.

Transit and out-of-home advertising is pretty much everything “outdoors,” which means this is a realm of endless possibilities. Used as a support media that connects with the overall brand campaign and story, the goal is to target places where the consumer lives, works or plays. This often equates to a lot of traffic and exposure, so it’s crucial that your message is simple, yet compelling.

Some of our most memorable out-of-home campaigns caught the audience where they least expected it. In all cases they convey the personality of the company, product or service we are promoting. Some of our campaigns have been seen in malls, college campuses, hospital cafeterias, subway cars, golf course tee boxes, city street lampposts and even restroom mirrors.

The value in transit or out-of-home advertising typically is in cost-effectiveness. Less expensive than television, radio and newspapers, you usually get exposure anywhere from 12-24 hours a day. Creating bold, fun creative that is strategically placed can be a powerful support medium to the overall mix.

What happens when your out-of-home campaign goes awry (like when a thief steals your mannequin from a billboard)? If you’re like us fish, you use that opportunity to create a killer “where’s our mannequin?” media campaign that generates even more of a stir!

Projects for Transit & Out-of-Home Advertising
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