Your brand is King. And it couldn’t be more important that your brand message be consistently conveyed across all communication channels. Your brand is more than what is in a brochure. Your brand must be reflected in and on all that you do and your brand promise should be clear and consistent if every piece of collateral.

Collateral should carry a common look and feel not only with the graphic design but also the tone and personality of the copy. Colors, images, fonts and logos all play an integral part in conveying the brand message and building trust with the audience. In working with larger organizations we often produce a brand or style guide. This is especially important when a company has numerous divisions and departments that are each responsible for various communications. In these cases we create strict guidelines on proper use of taglines, fonts, colors, layout and more. This assures that all collateral is created consistent with the overall brand.

Creating collateral shouldn’t be boring. Creativity and strong conceptual work breaks through the clutter and gets noticed, more importantly it gets read. In much of our work you will see collateral that is unique not only in size or shape, but even the paper stock and images that are used can help build a stronger brand image. Finished collateral is also incorporated into digital formats for more flexible options of getting into the prospects hands. In every instance, BluFish designs a single piece or series of collateral that enhances the brand through compelling messages and imagery yet contains a balance of information and engagement.

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